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Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruises Life

Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Birthday: July 3, 1962

Current living residence: Pacific Pallisades 1525 Sorrento Dr. CA

Mother: Mary Lee Cruise (divorced, remarried Jack South)

Father: Thomas Mapother III (alcoholic)

Sisters: Lee Anne, Marian, and Cass

First job: paper route

City lived: Louisville, KY, Ottawa, Glen Ridge- New Jersey, and Washington Avenue.

Best friend: Jeff Bayers

School: St. Raphaels, Louisville, KY

First house: 3 Cardwell Way, Louisville, KY

Father figure: Bill Lewis (neighbor)

Job: priest (St. Franciss Seminary, Cincinnati)

1st girlfriend: Laurie Hobbs (Sacred Heart School, KY)(St. Xaviers)(Glen Ridge High School- wrestling)

-Starred in Guys & Dolls

-Has dyslexia

-Worked @ Mortimers restaurant, NY

-"Taps"-> filmed in Wayne, Delaware County area, Pennsylvania (military academy-> Valley Forge Military Academy)

-Went fishing @-> Lack Cumberland, southern KY

-Scientology (1989)-> religion

-"LosinIt"-> went to Westwood Marque in West LA, Two Bunch Palms in Californian desert

-Agent: Paula Wagner

-"The Outsiders"-> Tulsa, OK

-Favourite movies-> Casablanca, Women In Love, Annie Hall

-1st movie star girlfriend- Rebecca De Mornay (Risky Business)

-Seeing Cher, Mimi Rodgers (May 9, 1987), Heather Locklear

-Hangout-> Serendipity 3, NY

-Lusardi, NY-> riot with Demi Moore & Kelly McGillis of Toms visit?

-During "All the Right Moves"-> father died of cancer

-Gravestone of father & grandfather @ Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Louisville, KY

-Hyde Park, London, England-> took a walk to forget about fathers death

-"All the Right Moves"- injured himself (concussion)-> had to go to the hospital

-"Legend"-> set burnt down-> had to redo film (tiring!)

-Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame #1835 (Hollywood Boulevard), Corner of Orange Avenue

-Lived in apartment- East 13th Street, NY

-Rumors about having breast cancer & AIDS-> apparently someone saw him @ premiere of Rain Man in London with a shaved head-> thought he was ill, not true! (Was doing part for Born on the Fourth of July)

-Before Christmas of 1989-> went to hospital in Fort Mill, South Carolina, gave boost to little girl named Brandi Mason-> gave her hat & shirt from "Days of Thunder" & autographed pillowcase & visited other children from hospital

-Even helped paparazzi when man tripped-> taking photos of Tom & Nic

-Helped an elderly woman when was at opera with Nic

-Dec.24 1990- Telluride, Colorado-> Tom & Nics wedding-> red roses, white lilies

-Favourite singer-> Bruce Springsteen

-January 1991- won American Cinema award

-Paid dinner tab to college kids who sang Youve Lost That Loving Feeling from Top Gun at a restaurant in Memphis, where was doing "The Firm"

-Famous Scientologists- Tom, Mimi Rodgers, Ron Hubbard, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Chick Corea, Karen Black, Julia Migenes, Priscilla & Lisa Marie Presley, Sony Bono & Cher-> gaining ones self and environment

-Tom could be president if he wanted to

-Influence-> Oliver Stone

Father figure-> Paul Newman

-Was interested in fighting destruction of rain forests in Brazil

-Interested in politics later on-> admired Californian Governor Jerry Brown (liberal Democrat-> wanted to help poor & needy-> tax programmed to help them)-> went to Bill Clinton instead, interested in the underdog-> because of what went through with mother & sisters

-Directed Fallen Angels & The Frightening Frammies-> Isabella Rossellini in it-> Isabella (adopted daughter) Jane Cruise named after her

-Very private person

-Mimi Rodgers (she posed nude for Playboy)

-Rumors was celibate->= being gay (not true!) & Mimi- lesbian (also not true!)

-Helped raise $50,000 for an AIDS benefit by planting an autographed kiss on a piece of cardboard

-Lived at 42 Chester Terrace a Regenay gatehouse leading into Regents Park

-Connor Antony (Feb.6, 1995) adopted

-Wanted to sue magazine Bunte for saying was impotent, then executives died in plane crash, did not sue for $ just written apology

-Tom & Nic are separated now, now divorced (so sorry to hear this happen after 10 years of marriage)

-Dating Penelope Cruz

-Now dating no one

Midi music now playing Top Gun Anthem from the movie Top Gun.