Famous Cats
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Famous Cats

Hello there and welcome to the Famous Cats page. This page is dedicated to those famous cats, either from the movies, tv, commercials or whatever. So, here is a list and some pics of those famous cats!


m= male
f= female
"= repeating
?= unknown
( )= what their in

This is how the order goes:

Cat's Name, what their in, and colour of cat.

1) Hethcliff (m), Hethcliff cartoon (tv), orange + stripped

2) Jake the Cat (m), Cat From Outer Space (movie), abyssinian-> brown, + Lucybelle (f), white persian

3) Aristo Cats (m,f), Aristo Cats (movie), all kinds

4) Chessire cat (m), Alice in Wonderland (movie), grey with stripes

5) Siamese cats (?), Lady & the Tramp (movie)
siamese cats= cream & brown

6) Oliver (m), Oliver & Company (movie), orange

7) Snowbell (m) + others, Stuart Little (movie), white persian, different kinds

8) Garfield (m), Garfield & Friends (tv), orange + stripped

9) Kit (?), Charmed (tv), tan

10) Salem (m), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (tv), black

11) Jinx (f), Meet the Parents (movie), himalayan (cream + brown)

12) Morris IV (m), Heinz spokescat (commercial), british/ american shorthair

13) Fancy Feast Cat (?), Fancy Feast (commercial), white persian

14) Tonto (m) , Harry & Tonto (movie), orange

15) Jingle Cats (m,f), Jingle Cats (CD), all kinds

16) Lion King Cats (wild) (m,f), The Lion King (movie), wild lions- orange, yellow, brown

17) Tigger (m), Winnie the Pooh (tv), wild tiger- orange + stripes

18) Luna, Artemis, & Diana (f,m,f), Sailor Moon (tv), black, white & grey

19) Cats (m,f), Cats Don't Dance (movie), white, orange

20) Hello Kitty (f), (tv, products), white

21) Figaro (m), Pinocchio (movie), white and black

22) Snowball I & II, Simpsons (tv), white & black

23) Leo, MGM Lion, wild lion- not sure? maybe yellow, orange & brown?

24) Billy the cat, cartoon (tv)?, might be European?, yellow, orange, black stripes

25) Poesie, cartoon (tv)?, might be European?, black & white

26) Cat from (movie) "That Darn Cat" (old & new movie), ?

27) ?, (movie) Men In Black, orange with space collar

28) Koko & Yum Yum, CAT WHO books, Siamese cats, m & f

29) Furball, Tiny Toons cartoons (tv), blue & white, m

30) Tom, Tom & Jerry cartoons (tv- warner bros.), red?, m

31) Scratchy, Itchy & Scratchy cartoons on the Simpsons (tv), blue?, m

32) Cats, cats from the upcoming CATS & DOGS (movie)
Mr. Tinkles, other cats, white persian, russian blue, siamese, orange, etc, m, f.

33) Homey, Blind Date (tv), orange, (not really a famous cat, but he was on tv & I thought I would like to mention it), m.

34) Apricot, Gilmore Girls (tv)- neighbourhood cat, orange, f.

35) Mr. Bigglesworth, m, Austin Powers, Persian & Sphinx, white, tan.

36) Penelopy, f, Todays Special (tv), white Persian

37) ?, Kitty Cats (tv), calico, f, tabby, m

38) Cat Woman, f, Batman Returns (movie), black

39) Periwinkle, Blues Clues (tv), m, blue

40) Sebastin, Josie & the Pussycats, m, black & white

41) Pierre Trudeau's girlfriend's cat (Leona Boed), f, white

42) Bushkey, m, grey, Miss Kitty, f, The Amazing Kreskin (magician)'s cat

43) Angelica Pickles' cat, Rugrats (tv), white, f

44) Kitty Kitty Kittens (not exactly famous, but these stuff kittens have been on a commercial), different colours and genders

45) CatDog, CatDog (tv), yellow, part dog part cat, m

46) Sweet Pea, black & white, Jann Arden's cat (famous Canadian singer)

47) Mad Cat, Inspector Gadjet (tv), black and grey, m

48) Mr. Cat, Phyllis Diller's cat, m, abyssian, brown and black, front paws declawed:(

49) Kali the calico cat, Kurt Browning's cat (skater), m, calico

50) Jellybean, f/m, Malcolm in the Middle (tv), grey and white

51) Sagwa, f, brown and white, Sagwa the Siamese Cat (cartoon, tv), has a sister named Sigwa

52) Betty White's cat Bob-Cat, m, Himalayan, brown, black & cream

53) Ziefield & Roy's wild cats, white tigers & lions, m & f, wild cats

54) Beanie Baby Ty Cats, stuffed beanies, names: Zip, Nip, Chip, Snip, Pounce, Prance, Meow Pillow Pal, Silver, Amber, Starlett, Fraidy, Flip, Kaleidoscope, Kooky, Purr, Scat, Siam, Beani, etc.

55) Molly Ringwall's cat Tigerlily

56) Sammy who lives at the Chesire Hotel in the t.v. show Gilmore Girls

57) Jeanne Becker's cat Marcel, mixed breed

58) Snagglepuss, pink, t.v. show Yogi Bear

59) Tony the Tiger, breakfast cereal Frosted Flakes, orange and black striped tiger

60) Cat from the movie Cops and Robertsons, looks like a tabby cat

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